xls4oracle – Status

Here is the list of planned updates to the next release of the xls4oracle tool:

Known issues:

Script load => Invalid connection

Workaround: set "connect validated" and "logon validated" to "Y" on the system tab. 

Enter trial license key

Workaround: Enter license key into "license key" on the system tab and press the about button to verify license status.


Dynamic Bind

New feature to return excel data from the executed plsql. Like trx number from ar invoice interface or request id from start conc. requests. Currenly only the status and msg columns is enabled.

Sheetname $$<name> => version column – extract multiple to same sheet

Instead of creating new sheets with version extension – create a version column and append the extract to existing sheet

For readonly env. select org name to set client info

When apps initialize is unavailable – try to set client info instead.

Parallel dataload – rows per file

For big loads – enable parallel dataload. Create multiple files with max number of rows in ea

Remove OK from second dataload form (status form)

Move the rows column to dataload parameter form.

For dataload: Also count executes

For multiline dataloads – also count the number of execute lines. 

SQL: enable unattended multi sql extracts

When executing multi sql extracts – do not requeire the "Press OK to continue" between the extracts – instead display the names of the new sheets. When accepted the extract should execute the x number of extracts – creating the new sheets – unattended.

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