After Windows 7 MS12-027 update – unable to execute xlam

Pls. download xls4Oracle or greater

Pls read about the windows update:

UPDATE 31-aug-2012:

Just got the windows update on my work laptop, and could not execute any xlam files…

First: delete any *.exd files – on my work laptop it is in the “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\VBE”

Second: Open the xlam project and add the “MSCOMCTL.OCX” to the reference.

I did this procedure on my home PC (after the windows update), and could continue to use all xlam’s. This was two weeks ago, and last night the same xlam’s was running on both pc’s.

If you get this error with the xls4Oracle tool – pls. request a special edition of the xls4Oracle add-in with the MSCOMCTL.OCX reference. Pls. send a mail to

UPDATE 23-jan-2013:

You need to restart pc after the *.exd cleanup. And no need for the MSCOMCTL.OCX reference.

Pls. follow these instructions:


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