R12 – Complete list of supported API’s

In R11 api’s was found in irep – in R12 api’s are found in the database. The “7417 Prototype scripts for API’s – R12” zip file is generated using the proto sql scripts from the sql4oracle.zip file.

Extract was generated using this sql:

select distinct '@proto3 ' || 
package_name || ' ' || 
object_name || ' ' || 
from all_arguments aa 
where 1=1
and object_id in 
(select uo.object_id 
user_objects uo,
where 1=1
and uo.object_type = 'PACKAGE'
and uo.object_name = fic.irep_name
and fic.CLASS_TYPE = 'PLSQL');

Go to the SQL script page to download the “7417 Prototype scripts for API’s – R12” file.

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