xls4Oracle released

Toolbar buttons updated – Is now: SQL, PLSQL & Setup. The icon navigates to the about tab on the about form

New tab on the About form: Setup – that navigates to a new tab with new settings.

The SQL function has been optimized. New parameter: SQL Buffer rows, to define how many rows to bufer before putting data onto the excel sheet. Default is 1000. Fewer rows means more updates, but less performance – and vice versa. When breaking a fetch, buffered rows are lost.

Trace functionality has been updated. You enable trace on the setup form with a check box.  Trace file name can be set on the setup form.

Default database, user and password on the setup form.

Updated the sql progress bar with new logic. It is costly to get the number of rows to fetch, so fetching is just starting and progress bar 100% is set to 100. When 100% is reached 100% is set to 1000 – and so on. Progress bar is also showing how many rows are in the sheet – the rows you, if you break the fetching process.

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