New features xls4Oracle tool

The xls4Oracle tool version has just been released. It has some new features you want to look at:

  • buffer load
  • sql format
  • sql email
  • new setup button

The buffer load feature is speeding up the sql fetch 3-10 times. A parameter on the setup defaults can be set to smaller or bigger values for better performance and handling. Deafult is 1000. Rows fetched is pasted to worksheet when buffer is full – so a small buffer will generated lots of screen updates and less performance, will a bigger buffer will result in lesser screen updates and better performance.

The sql format feature will enable you to get better overview of big sql fetches. The hide column feature, will auto hide columns when there is no data – like attribute1 to 30 !!!. You can also sort the columns by name, type, sequence and by the number of rows with data! Several checkboxes for different datatypes enables you to quickly hide or show columns by type. Types is:

  1. ID
  2. WHO
  3. DFF
  4. KFF
  5. FLAG
  6. DATE
  7. CODE
  8. TYPE
  9. OTHER

On the sql / refresh form, you now have an email option. Enter email and press the email button – and a email with the current sheet is prepared.

The previously named button “About” has change name to Setup. By pressing the setup button you get the opertunity to create a sql or plsql workbook. New tabs here: Defaults, Order and readme. The deaults tab has trace, sql buffer rows, date formats, filename defaults and default database connection info. Please the order tab to get a license key. The readme tab shows revision history.

And finally – the xls4Oracle has been verified on Excel 2013.

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