xls4Oracle tool – Release

Added new functionality to check and inform of new release. If new release exists, you will get one message a day, informing you that a new release exists.

Readme: 09-dec-2011: (development) 10-dec-2011: (development) 10-dec-2011: (development) 20-dec-2011: (development) 27-dec-2011: (development) 03-jan-2012: (development) 07-jan-2012: (development) 11-jan-2012: (development) 13-jan-2012: (development) 27-jan-2012: (development) 12-feb-2012: (development) 12-feb-2012: (development) 20-apr-2012: (development) 17-may-2012: (development) 20-may-2012: (development) 08-jun-2012: (development) 17-jun-2012: (development) 19-aug-2012: (development) 07-aug-2012: (development) 19-aug-2012: (development) 24-aug-2012: (development) 26-aug-2012: (development) 03-sep-2012: (development) 12-sep-2012: (development) 23-sep-2012: (development) 02-oct-2012: sql fetch into array 02-oct-2012: removed sql pause parameters and functionality - enabled escape 04-oct-2012: build_date = #<date># 08-oct-2012: sql format - select columns 09-oct-2012: sql fetch long 13-oct-2012: level load 17-oct-2012: removed pause 10-nov-2012: added tabs on the setup form
                      added trace functionality
                      level load issue fixed 10-nov-2012: freeze 10-nov-2012: freeze II 10-nov-2012: published with nsis 08-dec-2012: Dynamic sized sql buffer - less columns, more buffer 18-jan-2013: Enable rev. 3 templates with dataload and system sheets 28-jan-2013: sql progress bar 11-feb-2013: updated the tracing functionality 27-feb-2013: added defaults 03-mar-2013: Prepare for freeze 03-mar-2013: Prepare for freeze 03-mar-2013: Prepare for freeze 08-mar-2013: Freeze 20-mar-2013: Added the InsertTable function
                       moved table format to after fetch, big perfomance improvement 22-mar-2013: Added readme tab on the setup form 23-mar-2013: Fixed issue with spoolfilename
                       Added FilenameDateFormat & FilenameDateTimeFormat to setup 25-mar-2013: Released 26-mar-2013: spoolfilename => plsqlfilename 28-mar-2013: plsql form cleanup 01-apr-2013: sql status form resized 03-apr-2013: Released 04-apr-2013: Fixed installation issue 16-apr-2013: Fixed vertical format issue
                       Added the setup tab 28-apr-2013: Added sort on the sql format tab 07-may-2013: Removed activex progressbar
                       Added email button to sql 09-may-2013: Change execute to 0 before sql execute. 
                       In break event, sql will not reexecute 10-may-2013: sql progressbar 1 and 2 11-may-2013: plsql function updated 13-may-2013: Released 13-may-2013: Enabled Excel 2013 and Released 16-may-2013: Removed reference to Microsoft XML v.6
                       Added dual color progressbars 20-may-2013: Released 26-jun-2013: Fixed apps initialize issue
                       Fixed the missing calculate reset issue 28-jun-2013: Fixed issue with:
                       - missing directory
                       - sql execution enable from anywhere, 
                         checking for the sql sql comment in cell(1,1)
                       - Vertical empty cell count
                       - SQL/Format: never hide cell/row 1 01-jul-2013: Added Date As String to handle date errors 26-sep-2013: Added new version check



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