3 new Oracle API Excel loads

3 New Oracle API Excel loads:

Load Approved Supplier List/4.0.1

Load ASL using the PO_ASL_API_PUB.CREATE_UPDATE_ASL API. Download: Load Approved Supplier List – posted 10-12-2014

Load Blanket Sales Agreements/4.0.1

Load BSA using the OE_BLANKET_PUB.PROCESS_BLANKET API. NB: This template handles 5 segments in categories, this might be customized. Download: Load Blanket Sales Agreements – posted 10-12-2014

Load FND Profile/4.0.2

Load FND Profile values using FND_PROFILE.SAVE API. Load SITE, APPL, RESP, SERVER and ORG types. Download: Load FND Profile – posted 10-12-2014

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