The insert_row APIs – is UNSUPPORTED APIs

If you think you can use any API with a procedure named ‘insert_row’ – pls. check this before you use it.

The insert_row procedure is made for Orace Forms insert procedures.

The insert_row is not a supported API, it will not do any validation, just insert the row and the risk of of getting corrupted data into you system is very high.

A supported public API can have different syntax. Most common is the ones with a return_status and return_message, but some is just raising an exception, using sql error message.

Try google “oracle API insert_row” – and see how many “good” advises there are for using an insert_row API.

There is very little difference between just using the insert statement and using the insert_row – there is no validationin either. If you are forced to use the unsupported api, make sure your organizations is accpting this approach. It will require extensive testing and validation. Finally your system can end up without support from Oracle.

One way to identify these forms APIs is that they all might have:

  • insert_row
  • update_row
  • delete_row
  • lock_row

Check for yourself by looking into the procedure, it is always quit simple. Then take a look at a supported API – it is a very very long story.

You will find a sql to extract all supported API in this post: R12 – Complete list of supported API’s


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