New xls4OracleSQL tool released

The xls4OracleSQL tool enables distribution of reports.

To enable this, some new fetures has been added: Password is protected and connected to the sql. Meaning: if the sql is changed, the password is being reset, and you have to enter the password again. This enables you to distribute xls4OracleSQL reports to you organization, and enables the receivers to re-run the SQL, without having the password, and as long as the SQL has not been changed.

Another feature is that the report receivers can enter new parameters and re-run the report without knowing the password, as long as the core sql has not been changed. This is done by adding sections markings to identify the core sql section and the parameter sql part.

An other new feature has been added: You can now have a parameter table on the sql sheet. In combination with hiding headings, columns and rows, this enables creation of very user friendly and intuitive reporting worksheets – Open the report worksheet, enter parameters on the sql sheet, press the xls4OraceSQL button and reports is generated immediately.

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