xls4OracleSQL – release 12-apr-2015

The sql4OracleSQL tool is developed for distributed reporting.

Reports developed is “frozen” to the sql.  If sql is changed, the excrypted database password is reset. This enables restricted access to the database and forces the distributed xls4OracleSQL report only to be used for the initial purpose.

Here is the lastest updates: 14-mar-2015: xls4OracleSQL created - New release - Improved sql reporting 26-mar-2015: Added title and improved formating
                       Added print formating
                       Added PDF print 01-apr-2015: bug fixes 06-apr-2015: Added output tab 12-apr-2015: Enabled version check

Multiple new features added:

– title with $datetime – enables to include the same date/time to title as to the output files (pdf and xps).

– improved formating: When heading is wide and data is short – column is adjusted to a minimum width. Long text / wide columns is changed to wrap around and a maximum width.

– PDF and XPS print. Enabled generation of either PDF or XPS files.

– New output tab for the PDF and XPS output controls.

– Added the “Delete Hidden” checkbox. Enables to delete hidden columns.

– Enabled the version check. Once a day the xls4Oracle installation is checking for updates. If a new update is available, a message box is presented showing information about the new version.


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