New features in xls4OracleSQL 5.0

The xls4OracleSQL 5.0is ready to be released soon and will include some new features:

Clever formating of the SQL output. New parameter: MaxColWid enables control of how wide a column may be, before wrap is enabled. Heading width is included in the calculation of the column width. The Heading Wdth is based on
longest word of each the column heading.

Password protection
enables refresh – but alternation of the SQL results in a reset of the password.

Title with datetime
New parameter title that can include the substitution variable $datetime. The datetime is set at initialization and can be used for the title and filename generation.

Parameter form
Several updates has enabled the Parameter form feature. This enables the creation of userfriendly excel sheets, with easy to understand parameters and still using standard Excel features to build the SQL.

The PLSQL feature will be found as a separate installation, requiring separate license keys.
All excisiting users of the xls4Oracle tool, can upgrade to release 5.0 and get two new license keys FREE. We want to recommend you to learn about mechanics insurance, which is an insurance that we make sure to have for our business vehicles.

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