Duplicates in a Query

Here is a way to find out why you have two rows in a select, when you only expect one.

In good database design you expect that a unique ID is giving you only one record. But many tables Oracle E-Business Suite has  composite primary keys – like:

– mtl_system_items – pk = iventory_item_id + organization_id

– per_all_people_f – pk = person_id + effective_start_date + effective_end_date


So what to do when you have a query with duplicates. First try to reduce the query to show as few row as possible, the optimum is 2 rows. Then copy the sql into a new xls4OracleSQL sheet.

– Set the Layout = V for vertical.

– Replace the hole select part with select *

– Convert table to range, if data is in a table.

– add a column after the last column, formula “=A3=B3”. This will show TRUE if values are the same and FALSE when values are different, and we want to find those that are different.

– copy formula to all the other lines

– insert table or apply filter

– filter on false

You can now see the columns that differs, and this should enable you to add the needed where clauses to get rid off the duplicates.

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