xls4OracleSQL is in use as Excel Reporting tool in a validated environment

The xls4Oracle is now in use as a reporting tool.

New features in xls4OracleSQL, is enabling the build of Excel Reports, using xls4OracleSQL. The Excel files is store in a SharePoint folder, with restricted access.

The ProtectData parameter enables protection of both sql sheet and the datasheet, ensuring the report is not altered.

The SmartFormat feature optimizes the column with and heading height to make column width as small as posible for columns with short data and long headings.

The MaxColWidth enabling to define the max width for Long data. Do you want wide columns with fewer line breaks or narrower columns with more line breaks.

New features has been added to enable post formating for PDF or XPS.

Pls. try it out!!!

Thanks for reading…

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