PL/SQL Templates

by Thomas Lundqvist

Before you can download and use a template, you must register.(free) and download the xls4Oracle tool

The Release 4.0 is templates for Oracle Applications 12 and release 3 templates is for Oracle Applications 11.5.10.

Use the api.sql script to create new templates. The api.sql will read the api data structure to create the mapping sheet and build a default plsql script needed for a new template. For more info check xls4Oracle Template generator.

All templates to download:

Release 4.0 – for R12:

If you can not find the template you need, pls. mail and I will generate the template and mail to you for validation. Once validated, the template will be added to this list.

AP -Account Payables R12:

AP -Account Payables R11:

Customers R12:

Customers R11:

FA – Fixed Asset:

Human Resource R12:

Human Resource R11:

Manufacturing R12:

Manufacturing R11:


Order & Price R12:

Order & Price R11:

System Administration:

Documentation to download:

4566 Prototype scripts and 4566 Dataload template scripts

Autogenerated prototype scripts and dataload template scripts for download.

Additional information:

Pls. report any issues to:

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