“How to” videos

by Thomas Lundqvist

This video shows some the features of the new xls4OracleSQL tool:

This video is showing the retrival of all rows in the all_objects table (> 70.000)  in 16 seconds. The excel filter function is first used to filter for tables and indexes and then to only show scott’s tables and indexes.

This video shows how to execute a SQL using the xls4Oracle tool.


This video shows how to execute a PL/SQL using the xls4Oracle tool.


This video shows how to develop an xls4Oracle template to update HZ_CUST_ACCOUNTS. The video shows how to find the api procedure, the build of the xls4Oracle template and the test, including extract, update and verification. The video is made without any editing, so the are a few redos.

1. Using sqlplus and the api.sql (from www.sql4Oracle.com) to generate the mapping and dataload scripts. 2. Build the xls4Oracle template using the generated script. 3. Extract hz_cust_accounts from a vision R12 database using the xls4Oracle sql tool. 4. Do the dataload using xls4Oracle dataload tool. 5. Verify that the hz_cust_account record was updated using the xls4Oracle sql tool. This video is unedited – so there is some typing errors and some of the extracts is not needed.If you do not find the template you need, and there is a API pls. follow these steps to create a new template:

  • Open a new excel workbook – press the xls4Oracle tool button: dataload – this will create 4 sheets: data, mapping, dataload and system
  • Open sqlplus apps/apps
  • execute @api CSI_INSTANCE_PUB (as an example)
  • Using notepad – open api\CSI_INSTANCE_PUB.UPDATE_ITEM_INSTANCE.txt
  • Copy the plsql section into the dataload sheet
  • Copy the mapping section into the mapping sheet
  • The template is created!!!

For documentation on the API, pls. visit Oracle Integration Repository. Use the sql function in the xls4Oracle tool to do the extract. For further in for the xls4Oracle tool pls. read the .

Video: How to create a xls4Oracle template

Pls. download this zip file to see a 10 min. video showing how to create a template. The included word document explains the actions on the video. [Download not found]

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