The xls4Oracle tool

The xls4Oracle tools can extract data from an Oracle database to Excel, it can load Excel data into an Oracle dtabase and the xls4Oracle tool can load data into the Oracle E-Business Suite. The xls4Oracle tool is ready for all API’s in Oracle Applications.

xls4Oracle_22may2013The xls4Oracle tool enables two functions in Excel:

  • sql  – Execute sql from Oracle database to Excel
  • pl/sql – Execute pl/sql generated from Excel data to Oracle Database / Oracle E-Business Suite



With the SQL function, you can write sql’s in Excel columns and extract data from an Oracle Database to Excel sheets. This enables you to do fast data analyzing, using the Excel functionality on the extracted data. You can also use the apps initialize feature, enabling extracts from Oracle Applications session data (fnd_globals. org views, profiles etc.).

When the sql has been executed, you can send the excel sheet by mail and receivers can make a refresh of the sheet (if they also have the xls4Oracle tool) .

Pls. try some of the sql sheets available here.



With the PL/SQL function, you can merge a PL/SQL with your Excel data and execute it an Oracle Database. This enables you to load data into Oracle Applications API’s and interface tables. To do this the PL/SQL function is using data from 3 Excel sheets in combination (the data, mapping and plsql sheets).

Many templates exists ready for use, and they are all strait forward to customize. You can even build new ones using one the of autogenerated xls4Oracle template scripts for both R11 and R12 or the create one from scratch using the API Template generator script.

If you dont find a template or need help on a xls4Oracle template – pls. send a request to

_DSC3899The xls4Oracle tool is shareware and free to download. After the 30 day trial period, you should either buy or delete the program._DSC3896

To start using the xls4Oracle tool, you need an Oracle Client installation with OO4O, like “Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Client” and a valid tnsnames file.

To start using the xls4Oracle tool pls. register and download.