xls4Oracle FIFO

by Thomas Lundqvist

Release 1.0

Excel tool for FIFO, LIFO and Average profitĀ calculation. Calculates price and rate profit. Handles long and short positions.

Requires only 3 columns: inst, qty and price. Then you can add the columns needed. This example shows transactions in two stocks, including rate. Profit is specified for both price and rate profit. Columns prefixed with “*” is added by the FIFO calculation and excel sum functions is added for the added columns to verify the calculation:

The FIFO calculations is executed in the order the transactions are in the excel sheet, instrument by instrument, so there is no need for a sequence number column.

Currently there is 25 columns to select from:


Download the xlam file to the excel add-in folder – or download to any folder and enable xls4oracle FIFO from excel: Start Excel, press the windows button, select “Add-ins”, Select manage “Excel Add-ins” and press “Go”, Press “Browse…” and select the xls4Oracle_FIFO.xlam file from the download folder.


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