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by Thomas Lundqvist

Before you can download the xls4Oracle tool, you must register (its free).

Release 4.0

The xls4Oracle version 4 is developed for Excel 2007 (SP3) and Windows7. Newer versions may work.

Download the xls4Oracle Tools (SQL & PL/SQL):


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xls4OracleSQL is for reporting only. You can develop and distribute Excel Reports fast and easily.  The Excel Report has all connect information, so you can make a “refresh” of the Excel Report, just by opening the Excel Report and press the xls4OracleSQL button. The Report is locked so if any changes are made to the sql – the database password needs to re-entered. Building reports with parameters is enabled to. This video shows an example of how to do that: xls4OracleSQL Video

Download the xls4OracleSQL Tool:




To start using the xls4Oracle tool, you need an Oracle Client installation, like “ODAC 11.2 Release 5 ( with Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio” with a valid tnsnames.

Press the download link above and select “Run”. Pls. follow the instructions to complete the installation.

If the above steps is completed and you are unable to execute the xls4Oracle tool, you can identify missing references, using the below excel macros.

To verify proper references is correct, pls download and execute these execl macros:

  • Download
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