Agilent Technoligies

The xls4Oracle tool is in use at Agilent Technoligies, for loading/updating/extracting:

  • Customers (incl. addresses, profiles, relations & site usages)
  • Pricelist Modifiers
  • Pricelists
  • AR Invoices
  • Inventory balances and adjustments
  • MTL items and OPM items
  • Item Costs
  • HR data
  • Installed Base
  • User Responsibilities
  • Many Ad hoc updates using API
  • Quick data extracts

The tool is in use for rollout of Oracle Applications to several countries. Many rollouts is now completed and there has only been minor modifications to Dako’s xls4Oracle templates to handle the latest rollout. The Japanese rollout is also completed including Japanese character set handling. Customer updates, pricelist modifier and pricelist updates are in use regularly. The tool has been in use since 2007.


Marcel van Leeuwen (Group IT Director at RMIG) says: We think it is a good supporting tool for Oracle EBS developers/dataloaders/datacleaners, and we are sure that we can use it in 2010. Data cleaning, refreshing and loading is an important area for us on the agenda for 2010. And working on multiple records in Excel is very popular with the RMIG Oracle users :-)

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